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Custom Dry Cleaning

At Parkway Cleaners, our years of experience and training allow us to treat each garment with the unique and specific attention it deserves.  From the moment your order is dropped off, we meticulously inspect each item for stains and minor repairs.  Before your clothes are cleaned, we perform hand stain removal for each garment.  After hand stain removal is performed, each garment receives a gentle cleaning from our organic and environmentally friendly dry cleaning machine.  All items are pressed and finished by hand to restore the design and silhouette the designer intended. We understand you want your clothes cleaned with the same care and attention to detail that went into creating the garments your send to us.

Shirts and Blouses

Shirts and blouses are often the foundation of a person’s wardrobe.  To distinguish themselves, designers use distinctive materials, tailored cuts and unique accessories.  Our goal is to restore these details on all your shirts and blouses before we return them to you. 

White and neutral colored garments made from 100% cotton clean best in our laundry process.  Dark hues, blended materials and garments with more accents should be dry-cleaned. 


We begin our process by inspecting for stains and minor repairs.  After our gentle cleaning process, experienced finishers hand press your garment to restore original pleats, creases and other details. Relying on solely on a machine press prevents the intended, natural silhouette of the pants to be restored.

Sweaters and Knits

Sweaters and knits are among the most difficult garments to clean because designers use delicate fabric, special pigments, weaving techniques and unique accents to create a beautiful garment. Fragile clasps, buttons and zippers are removed or covered prior to cleaning to prevent wear or cracking. 

Regular cleaning minimizes shedding and prevents stains from setting into the garment, preventing complete removal in the future.  At your request, we can block a garment to change its fit.


Having your suits regularly cleaned extends the life of the garment and preserves the original silhouette of your suits.  After undergoing a thorough stain removal process, your suit is hand pressed to ensure that your edges on your lapel, collar and sleeves are properly rolled.  Our hand finishing utilizes irons at very low temperature to prevent the shiny sheen that results when a hot iron is used on some dark wool and cotton weaves.


Dresses come in a variety of cuts and materials and are often designed for special occasions.  Since they are not designed for the wear and tear of every day wear, special care must be paid to them in the cleaning process.  Dresses are placed in their own breathable bag in the cleaning process to prevent them from being scratched or damaged from contact with other garments.  For especially delicate dresses, our cleaning stations are equipped with every conceivable tool for hand stain removal and restoration.


Cleaning of jackets and overcoats is often overlooked but proper care in their cleaning is important to preserve their form and function.  Loose button, flaps, buckles and straps can cause your garment to tear.  If these unique design accents are not properly covered or cleaned they can break and can not be replaced. 

Ski jackets and pants should be cleaned regularly to prevent mold and stains from setting into the garment.


At Parkway Cleaners we pay the same attention to our laundry items as our dry cleaning items.  We understand that your shirts are your most visible and regularly worn parts of your wardrobe. Accordingly, we pay special attention to your shirts.  We replace any buttons that may crack in the laundry process and make sure there are no loose threads hanging from your shirts.  In addition, we make sure your shirt remains in the shape it was pressed by inserting removable collar stays. 

White and neutral colored garments made from 100% cotton clean best in our laundry process.  Dark hues, blended materials and garments with more accents should be dry-cleaned. 

We also provide fluff and fold service for your every day wear items and undergarments.

Couture Alterations

Unless a garment is custom-tailored for you, it often requires some alteration in order to achieve the perfect fit for you.  With only minimal instruction our seamstress can perform pant hems, arm length and waistline adjustments.  We also taper shirts, modify jackets, hem dresses and resize sweaters. 

Linens and Bedding

At Parkway Cleaners, we realize luxury bed, bath and table linens require specific and extra care in their cleaning.  We use breathable nylon bags to prevent scratches to your linens and finish all your linens with a hand press.  After your linens have been cleaned they are returned to you on hangars or flat packaged for convenient storage.

We take extra care in cleaning comforters and blankets quickly because we know you rely on these items to get the precious rest and relaxation you need to meet each day.  We have years of experience cleaning down comforters and making sure they do not lose their shape and cushion in the cleaning process.

In addition, Parkway Cleaners cleans sleeping bags.  More and more often sleeping bags are designed with synthetic materials and fabric that needs to be treated delicately, in order for the sleeping bag to retain its comfort and heat-retention capabilities.

Home Furnishings

Parkway Cleaners routinely cleans difficult household items such as pillows, mattresses, cushions and their respective covers.  We make sure each item is treated appropriately to avoid melting of embroidery or stripping of details during the cleaning process.  To ensure your items’ safety, we place each item in a breathable nylon bag during the cleaning process to protect it. 

In addition, Parkway Cleaners cleans rugs and draperies.  We take down and re-hang your draperies at no additional cost after they are inspected and cleaned. 

Wedding Gowns

You have just gotten married and you want to keep your wedding gown as a keepsake to pass down through the generations.  Parkway Cleaners can help you by cleaning your gown by rinsing it in gentle solution to restore the immaculate luster to the fabric.  After this gentle cleaning process, additional stain removal is performed if necessary.  Hand pressing is used to restore your gown’s lines and drapes.  Once your gown looks like new, we place it in an acid-free box and surround it with acid-free tissue paper. 

Leather and Suede

Leather and suede items do not always have care label affixed to them.  Therefore, it is important to have an experienced professional identify how to treat an item.  Every item is inspected before we clean it because in some cases a damaged item may be further damaged unless it is repaired before cleaning.  The satisfaction of our customers attests to the professional skill in restoring items to their original condition.